A Blessingway is a ritual of the Navajo Native American tradition which offers the Mama-to-be and her baby-to-be-birthed traditional blessings for safe passage into Mother and babyhood, at the hands of her supportive female friends and family. The ceremony honours all seasons of motherhood, whether it is the woman’s first baby or her fifth (or third!).

I was truly honoured to have been offered a Blessingway hosted by the Mother of Mothers, Ibu Robin Lim at her retreat centre, the Peace Kitchen, in Ubud, Bali. I was surrounded by the beautiful community of women I am lucky to call my friends here and my own Mama was with us too. Friends from afar joined us spiritually and each was represented within the circle by a red rose.

We were ritually cleansed before entering the sacred women’s circle with Eagle fathers and sage smoke; we called upon the spirits of our female ancestors to act as guides and protectors in birth; the shamanic drum was beaten as we took a journey back through time; candles were lit; songs were sung; laughter and tears shed and love, togetherness, gifts and remembrance shared.

Matt and I then received a Balinese style water blessing from Mum, the girls and our birthkeepers, before a pizza party was hosted by our husbands and children, where we were serenaded by the chief Soul Doctor.

I couldn’t think of a more perfect blessing into my third season of Motherhood.
























Amalya is four!

And this is she on the last day that she was three…


On her actual birthday, as always, we opened cards and gifts in bed and then Amalya had requested a visit to the girls’ favourite upmarket French patisserie for breakfast (I wonder if they know that it’s only downhill from here?). Following this, and a perfect activity with a belly full of cake was a sortie to Bali Fun World (a soft play centre with GIANT inflatables and erm, a bucking bronco). Grandma baked her birthday cake for today.









And then the weekend after, we had a small party at home for some of her little school friends and our friends and their kids who are also her friends. All she asked for was ‘Pass the Parcel’ and ‘Musical Statues’. Papa made her a unicorn cake.


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FullSizeRender (13) copy

At four, Amalya you are more abundant than ever. You are still the kindest and most generous person I know. Whether it’s your favourite toy or your last bite of roast potato you are always willing to share. You are conciliatory to the point of craziness with your sister sometimes, but still love to wind her up. It’s just more sophisticated now.

You still don’t get the concept of quiet time, except that it’s another opportunity to wind your sister up. You love to be near her always and often have a secret hope that if you talk to her enough, she’ll just give in. However, her stubbornness equals yours. You girls have some feisty battles.

You still talk non-stop and do love to spin a good yarn. And you’re so smart. The other day we were having dinner outside and you asked me “Mummy what’s that black blob on the moon?” “Um, mountains?” I replied (my space knowledge is sketchy at best). “Oh Indi” you said, “it’s not the Sea of Tranquility, it’s mountains”. I checked with M. It was the Sea of Tranquility. Outsmarted by a 4 year old. And I told her so. You can also use the word metamorphosis correctly in a sentence thanks to Roald Dahl.

You LOVE going to school, cooking and helping around the house (except when it comes to tidying up). The fairy house, Playmobil, reading stories and drawing are still favourites of yours. You are daring and brave, swim like a dolphin, bounce like a kangaroo and luckily for you, run like your Papa. Your yoga is awesome. You love to sing (your singing faces are worthy of a blog post of their own), dance, dress up and put on shows. You have an excellent hip sway and possibly the cheekiest face I’ve ever seen. You’re also STILL wearing upwards of 5 outfits a day, out of choice, not necessity.

You’re still not entirely convinced about being a big sister. But I think you’re going to be awesome. You are caring, affectionate and loving. Often your kisses and cuddles come with a list of what you love about someone.

Comedy is still your secret weapon.

Happy four Amalya mou.


36/52 An afternoon with the Leggett sisters!







First the dog found a lizard and the girls rescued him.

Then Indi said that she wanted to practice her fire lighting skills, Matt gave her a lit candle and sent her on her way. 10 minutes later she had an impressive blaze roaring in the garden fire pit and she and Amalya sat and admired it and ate iced lollies.

And then I sent M into a tizz by saying that I was going to bake brownies. It doesn’t happen often and he took it as a sign that labour was imminent! The girls wanted to help, mostly so that they could eat the mixture. “When can we lick the bowl Mummy”? Indi asked as they slurped the remainders of the mixture off of spatulas. “You are licking the bowl” I replied. “No, I mean when can we actually stick our heads in them silly”, she said. And they did.

3 months overdue!

Thankfully, not baby number 3, but sadly all of my 52 posts! I don’t even know how it’s possible that that happened. One minute we were preparing for our much anticipated UK holiday and the next, our littlest Leggett to love is suddenly due in a week or so and there are still preparations to do!

M is now on a travel ban and has taken over most of the school runs, mostly because I can’t fit my belly behind the steering wheel and still reach to steer, but partly because husband, mothers and birth team have suggested that I should rest a bit more in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy!

So as I’m having a ‘rest day’ today, (and I’m ok with saying that only because I went down to the coast yesterday for a hair cut and did a double school run (with a driver, no one panic)), I thought that I would share the overdue 52 captures of my two current littlest loves.





















1/ Mull; 2&3/ Pitt River’s Museum, Oxford; 4/ Heathrow Airport; 5/ Mustafa’s, Singapore, shopping for bling; 6/ said bling; 7/ Singapore flier; 8/ Sanur, Bali; 9/what happens when you try to make them pose for a photo!; 10/ at Monsieur Spoon; 11/ hair doos!; 12/ temple dance; 13/ off to find donuts; 14/ one straight, one curly; 15/ Mull; 16/ Oxford; 17/ first day back at school; 18/ on Amalya’s birthday; 19/ on Grandmas’s birthday; 20/ just the other morning.