6 years, 3 countries, 4 islands, 2 babies, waning sanity, blah blah blah, etc etc  I have FINALLY passed my Master of Public Health degree, with a distinction. It is over.

Yay me!

I haven’t even had a celebration and the husband has already started emailing/Whatsapping/Skyping me links to public health consultancies, the terms of reference I understand less than 5% of. Making comments about me being a lady of leisure. Him working full time so that I don’t have to. You get the picture. Good thing that I’m going to go back to school for another three years to train to be a midwife at some point in the near(ish) future, that should stop him!



Random 52s


Indira: barely awake but making a decent effort with her bacon sandwich!

Amalya: climbing the house, more than a slight tinge of green to her hair and looking very much like Granny Mo! (Disclaimer: it’s not the green hair that makes her look like Mama L, it’s the beautiful smile).

Joining Practising Simplicity and capturing a portrait of our beautiful daughters some weeks in 2016!


Nine/the things they say

Not a child this time but our housekeeper Ratih.

Next week we will be celebrating Galungan again-the twice yearly Balinese Hindu festival of dharma winning over adharma; good triumphing over evil. Ancestral spirits will be welcomed back into family temples and bountiful offerings made in their honour. The festival lasts for ten days and culminates in Kuningan. Living a life based on dharma is the focus of the festival. Feasting comes in at a very close second.

Ratih was late for work this morning and after a language-based misunderstanding about a cremation ceremony last week, I had asked her to SMS me if she wasn’t going to be at work on time. This morning no message, no Ratih.

I took the girls to school and took Dewi to the vets (she’s a cat don’t panic), still no Ratih. I went to the supermarket and was greeted by a smiling Ratih when I got home. “Oh Sam, I sorry…I late because I have pig this morning”.

“Oh, you had one delivered ready for the feast?” I replied in my most understanding voice.

“No”. Cue squealing noises and mimes of a throat being cut.

“You slaughtered the pig?”


Right. What do you say to that?!