Someone is three and a half!


Oh my goodness, Amalya mou, at three and a half you:

Are a whirlwind of volatile emotions, one minute crooning softly to one of your ‘babies’ and tenderly wrapping them up, the next throwing them across the room and laying face down on the floor screaming.

I’m pretty sure at a similar age Papa said living with your sister was like living with Pol Pot. It’s clearly a family trait!

You are loving, expressive and affectionate and yet five minutes later you are angry, mute and smouldering. Your evil glare is as perfect and hilarious as your kisses are heart melting.


Your imaginative play is fascinating and usually involves at least 6 outfit changes a day, but you still prefer a playmate. Your big sister is still always your first choice.

You are listening intently to lots of audio books, can identify numbers from 1-10 and even write some of them, much to my surprise last week. When I exclaimed “wow, Amalya, I didn’t know that you could write numbers”, you shot me a big grin and said as nonchalantly as you could muster, “of course I can Mummy”.


You are strong, athletic and daring, in fact you’re often the first out of you and your sister to try palpitation-inducing activities. You run like Daddy (i.e. like a runner, rather than like Mummy), swim like a fish and dive like a dolphin. You love to cycle, scoot and bounce on the trampoline.

Like your sister, you’re super sociable, make friends easily and like to be in charge!




You are endearingly cute and delicious, are full of mischief and love nothing more than to spin a good yarn. You bustle, skip and wheel your arms around wherever you go. Life with you is full of smiles and a lot of funny facial expressions!

You are still stirring up a whole lot of extra love in this house.